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Adams County Sport Handgunners Association
1540 Upper Bermudian Rd
Gardners, PA 17324


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The latest:

2011 ACSHA Lottery NEWS

Mike Prochyba
Betty Topper
Gerald Stough (VP)
Brad Kennedy
Art Altice
Joe Haczewski
Our thanks to each of them for all their efforts and hard work to support the ACSHA!

ACSHA Lottery Winners OF 2011!!!!
Amber Doyle
Bonnie Roth
Brad Kennedy
Chris Rounsville
Chuck Sanders
David Tyler
David Weidner
Diana Plitt
Don Roth
Donald Horn
Erik Storms
Gerald Stough
Jim Sylvester
John Butterfield (X2)
John Plitt
Kim Barr
Larry Snyder
Mary Fleming
Michael Saltzgiveil
Mike Jorgensen
Mike Prochyba (X5)
Mike Storms
Owen Kennedy
Pamela Hurlbert
Patrick Hockley (X2)
Paul Serachin (X2)
Rad Schultz
Raye Passmore
Rick Gilbert
Scott Taylor (X3)
Steve Stough
Thad Roth
Tina Hall (X2)
Trudie Mickley
William Barney

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you for supporting the ACSHA!

July 13 Action/Jungle Walk Match Report


WOW, what another GREAT turn out!  We had close to twenty shooters and a large number of bystanders.  Each match seems to be getting larger and larger, that’s wonderful!

We had three stations running at this match.  There was another Jungle Walk in the woods, A “Real Life…Draw from Concealment” Drill, and two “Two Real Life…Bad Timing Drills.”  No one could stop talking about any of the different stations.


The “Jungle Walk”


We set up a short jungle walk. The course span about 100 yards.  There were sixteen targets to be engaged.  The targets ranged from “camouflaged” pepper poppers (camouflaged by cover or by paint) to “colored” bowling pins were used as targets.

Shooters found themselves in many different situations. At times there were a lot of “YOU’RE BEING SHOT!  YOU’RE BEING SHOT!” comments coming from the range officer, as the shooter would walk by a target.  Sometimes, shooters found themselves in a “firefight” (with many targets at once) to a nerve raking lulls that made them wonder if they were missing something.  Wow, they even found some targets in trees “sniping” them!  Again the range officer could be heard saying, “YOU’RE BEING SHOT!  YOU’RE BEING SHOT!”

All shooters performed well including the novices that missed a few targets at first. Everyone did a FANTASTIC JOB! 


The “Real Life…Draw from Concealment Drill”


The shooters found themselves in a very “sticky” situation.  They had to draw from concealment on their person and engage seven targets (ranging from pepper poppers to paper targets) immediately.  There was “zero” time to find cover…it was” shoot and move shoot and move.”  Some of the shooters remarks were; “Wow there wasn’t any time to “pie” the corners, you just had to “shoot and move.” “How could I have missed the targets, they were so close.”  “I never knew that I was stopping and then shooting, that could get me killed.” Many shooters wanted to stop and shoot at the targets, but this met with the range officer saying “MOVE, MOVE, MOVE, don’t stand still…still targets get shot.”  Needless to say, the shooters found that they were “battling” yet another “BAD GUY…adrenalin.


“#1…Bad Timing Drill”


Shooters found themselves coming out of the “grocery store”, in the rain (shooters wore shooting glasses that were sprayed with Pam Cooking Spray to impair their vision as if they were really in the rain), carrying two bags of groceries (one in each arm) when suddenly they were attacked by a street gang.  Shooters found themselves confronted with five hostile targets and two non-hostile targets.  The non-hostile targets posed a problem, in that they were in front of two of the hostel targets.  Shooters had to decide what to do on there feet.  Many of the shooters decided to move and confront the hostiles to the rear…others tried to shoot over top of the non-hostile targets.  At this time the range officer reminded the shooters that in “real life” none of these targets would be standing still once the first gunshot was fired.  So, shooting over the non-hostiles wasn’t the best choice to apply.  Shooters ran through this drill at seven and fifteen yards.  After this drill it was amazing what I was told to do with my set of “rain glasses.”  Oh well, sorry guys sometimes-real life deals us a bunch of lemons.


“#2…Bad Timing Drill”


Shooters found themselves on a walk with their granddaughter (my daughters doll played a part in this situation) when a “drugged out” hostile attacks them.  The shooter had to draw and confront the hostile with their shooting hand while protecting their granddaughter with the other hand.  This drill was run at three different distances…once at seven, ten and fifteen yards.  After this drill, most people shook my hand thanking me for giving them something to think about when they are walking with loved ones.


ALL of the range officers want me to THANK everyone for their GREAT self-control and SAFE gun handling skills that were used through out the whole day!  Well enough about this shoot.  It’s time to start preparing for the next Action Shoot

(August 3).   Please remember to always bring a shotgun, rifle, and pistol to the actions shoots; you never know what you might have to be shooting.

May all of your shoots hit their target!




Todd R. Fritz, R.O.


Check our schedule for the next shoot.

The following are excerpts from articles about our Basic Pistol courses appearing in the Harrisburg Patriot-News and the Hanover Evening Sun, and the Chambersburg Public Opinion as well as quotes from a television piece on our courses that was broadcast on Fox 43 news.

Women’s Gun Course Targets Techniques, Safety

Harrisburg Patriot-News July 2, 2002

"I like shooting very much," said Sterns, who was taking part in a recent Women on Target pistol instructional clinic offered near Gardners in Adams County. "I can’t remember when I was so proud of myself."

(The) clinic coordinator called shooting, "primarily a mental sport…where men and women compete against each other equally. The last three American shooters to win Olympic gold medals were women." He said that casual recreational shooting requires concentration, self control and discipline more than it requires physical strength.

The eight women in the class ranged from their 20s to their 60s and signed up for a variety of reasons.

"The Second Amendment is not for men only."

"Before I consider getting a gun, I want to learn how to use one safely," she said. "I don’t plan to hunt, but I will target shoot."

Shannon…said, "she wanted to be able to pick up a pistol and tell if it was loaded or not."

Women-Only Class Teaches Gun Safety

The Evening Sun, September 28, 2003

The students sat behind long tables, no different than a classroom in any college or university. But displayed on the instructor’s table in the front of the room was at least a dozen handguns…of various sizes and barrel lengths. And a classroom poster illustrated the proper ways to hold a handgun.

The women-only course is offered for those who feel more comfortable in a non-competitive atmosphere…

"It teaches the basics…what you want to do with it is up to you."

Kate…took the class as a means of self defense.

Dolores…said she also took the class for protection because she travels in her position as a computer consultant and spends a significant amount of time alone.

(T)o Sylvia…learning to shoot a handgun is a way to soak up the American culture…(she) came to this country about ten years ago from Singapore…."Being in America, it gives me an opportunity to learn about guns."…."There’s nothing wrong with the gun itself, it’s the person not using it in the right way."

At Target Shooting Class, Women Find They’re On Equal Ground

Harrisburg Patriot-News, September 29, 2003

Heather…never will be mistaken for Rambo…."I’m short…I have spastic cerebral palsy and arthritis. Both my legs turn in. I limp. But I can focus and shoot. Not much stops me. If you have attitude, you can find a way to do anything."

The women in the class practiced safety, donning ear plugs and goggles before entering the range and only shooting when instructed by the four teachers. As they practiced, several seemed to lose their fear of guns. Jenn…has been "petrified" of guns ever since a bank she was working at was robbed at gunpoint…."I came to be less afraid…Now, I’m addicted. It’s a sport. I’m not ready to go buy a gun, but I’m not petrified either."

Diana…also used to fear guns, she said, but then bought a couple…."I was a little scared but found out that I like it."

Mary Ann….said her son and grandchildren were impressed that she was taking the class.

"I’ve always wanted to learn how to use a gun safely. That’s what we’re doing here today."

License to Hunt Series

Fox 43 News – Fall 2003

Instructor Rob – "With the same training and the same amount of practice, the women will outshoot the men every time. Most people feel that women can’t shoot, and then when they take the course…they’re like, Hey, I can do it."

CJ Jackson, Fox 43 News Reporter – "The ladies can play, too. These women can take aim with confidence."

Taking aim safely: Men, women learn how to be responsible gun owners

Chambersburg Public Opinion May 5, 2007

Hunting was one of several reasons that five men and five women attended the April handgun safety course at Adams County Sport Handgunners Association near Gettysburg. Other reasons included personal protection or proficiency in the sport of target shooting. One woman became intrigued after living for years with her husband's growing handgun collection.

The coeducational safety course is offered each spring at the club's range.

“Safety is always the first issue in handling guns”, said Rod Corey… Before being allowed to pick up any one of nearly two dozen styles and sizes of handguns from the demonstration table, students must learn to keep their index finger in register position, stretched out along the edge of the barrel, instead of curled into the trigger.

"Safety is all up here," said Todd Fritz, pointing to his head. "You think about safe gun handling before you think about anything else."….

Marksmanship and handling skills for a variety of handguns are other key elements of the lesson. A team of instructors shows how to load and unload a gun, how to tell if it's loaded or unloaded and stresses keeping it aimed in a safe direction….

Although this year's class included as many women as men, many women prefer the fall female-only class the club offers.

"Women often want a less competitive atmosphere," Corey said.

Believe it or not, he said, women often learn faster and they shoot better than men, given the same amount of training.

.… "Shooting isn't about strength, but accuracy and dexterity," he said, citing both as proven female traits.

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